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Titans Fan

Is Zach Mettenberger the Future for Tennesse? posted by Titans Fan

NFL rookies have a difficult time adjusting the speed and caliber of talent that the game presents, but none fewer have a harder learning curve than quarterbacks. The sheer volume of the playbook, reading complex defenses and blitz schemes, understanding not only your job but the receivers, backs, and lineman.

No wonder most rookies start as a back up to watch a veteran work their magic as if it were second nature, OR get a season QB whose in the twilight of his career to mentor while the rookie is thrust into the starting role.

And after the Titans squared off the against the Ravens on Sunday, it’s hard to be optimistic about Zach Mettenberger as a franchise quarterback for this Tennesse team. He, like a lot of other pocket QBs out of college, got by with game managing and a big arm. But that doesn’t work in the NFL. You either need to be a mobile, dual threat QB like Vick or RGIII, or read defenses like the back of your hand (Peyton Manning).

Yet all season long, Mettenberger has shown the ability to do neither as he simply stands, concrete footed, in the pocket and take sacks as he fails to read coverage and underneath routes that are presenting themselves to him. Having been sacked 5 times this game simply killed what little momentum the Titans had on offense.

Zach Mettenberger not only requires a lot of time in the pocket, but he also has inconsistency within his reads and the flow of the offense. But when he is ‘on’, he’s on. But with the speed of today’s game. Can you really afford to wait for a QB to be on? While it’s too early to tell, Mettenberger looks like the same problem ridden QB that we saw back in college.

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Titans Fan

The 2014 Tennessee Titans posted by Titans Fan

The Tennessee Titans were in a position to draft quarterbacks Teddy Bridgewater or Johnny Manziel but elected not to because they wanted to see if Jake Locker can still be the franchise quarterback they’ve hoping he’ll be. The eight pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, Locker has been inconsistent and if he is unable to improve his play, so goes the Titans.

Another issue many critics have with Locker is his health. He has missed 14 games in the last two seasons. If Locker can stay healthy, then he’ll have weapons to make the Titans offense more formidable. The team has gotten rid of two locker room headaches—Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt, replacing them with second round pick Bishop Sankey. The Titans do have a good receiving trio in Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter, and Nate Washington.

Aside from Sankey, the team drafted Taylor Lewan during the first round. Lewan is expected to start on the right side, relegating veteran Michael Oher as the back-up.

Other players returning to the Titans are Andy Levitre who lived up to the massive contract he signed in the previous offseason, and sophomore Chance Warmack who surrendered a disappointing seven sacks last season. They’ll be joined by sophomore Brian Schwenke.

The Titans have their issues in defense. Jurrell Casey would be a poor fit in the 3-4 defensive scheme that the team plans to adapt this year. Another good rotational player with solid upside, Mike Martin, is also anticipated to get lost in this scheme.

The safety position of the team is quite secured with returning starters Michael Griffin and Bernard Pollard. Both these guys are not stars but expect steady performances from them game in, game out.

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Titans Fan

The Ultimate NFL Fan Guide to Preparing for the 2014 Season posted by Titans Fan

The NFL is the most popular sport in the United States, and the upcoming season is only a month away. Every die hard sports fan already loves the NFL, but it has gained even more popularity in recent years due to fantasy football and sports betting. Fans love to prove that they know more about the game than everyone else, and there is no better way to do that than by wagering money. Savvy bettors will use a system like the award winning sports betting systems from Rich Allen. If you're serious about putting money on games this season, then you need to start preparing now for the upcoming season. Serious sports bettors are already getting ready for the season and so should you. So here's a guide to getting ready to bet on the NFL this year.

Study the Rookies

Every NFL season sees several rookie players make a big impact on their team and the league. The emergence of Keenan Allen last year allowed the San Diego Chargers come out of nowhere to claim the last playoff spot in the AFC. Andrew Luck was able to do the same thing for a last place Colts team two years ago. It is guaranteed that several rookies are going to make a major impact on their team this season, and by figuring out who these star rookies are is a great way to gain an edge in your bets. Some of the rookies that look poised to make a big impact this season include Kelvin Benjamin, Bishop Sankey and Jadaveon Clowney.

Learn New Rosters

NFL teams gain a lot of new players through free agency signings in the off-season. It can be difficult to keep up with all of the players changing teams while you are focused on other sports, but several of these players are going to completely change the dynamic of their new teams. All of the players in new cities are established NFL players, so it should not take much time to project their impact on their new team. Taking a day to learn every team's new roster will go a long way in helping you make good bets at the beginning of the season. DeSean Jackson, Toby Gerhart, Maurice Jones-Drew and Rashad Jennings are just a few players that should have an impact on their new team.

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Joe Anello

Free Agency 2013: Days Two and Three posted by Joe Anello

Welcome back everyone! I would have posted this last night but the lack of sleep Monday night really caught up with me. Now I’m back and ready to pick apart the transactions of days two and three of NFL free agency. Let’s get that money man!

OG Gosder Cherilus signs a 5-year, $34 million deal with Indianapolis Colts.
Additional signings: OG Donald Thomas (4 years, $14 million), LB Erik Walden (4 years, $16 million), S LaRon Landry (4 years, $24 million)

This is a group of Colt signings that I didn’t discuss in the day one recap because I was exhausted and there were too many to address. Cherilus was overpaid, but I get it. Thomas’ deal is tolerable and revamps the interior of their line. I don’t feel confident that Walden’s contract will prove to be money well spent. Still, signing Landry as well gives Chuck Pagano a play-making safety in his secondary. The Colts are spending, but not as crazily as the Dolphins.

WR Wes Welker signs a 2-year, $12 million deal with the Denver Broncos

Okay, I have a LOT to say about this deal. I took to Twitter to express my thoughts shortly after the news broke, but I felt utterly hindered by the 140-character limit. I was really upset by the news that New England only offered Welker $10 million (including incentives). He’s only been one of the hardest workers on your team for the past six seasons and this is how he gets rewarded? EFF YOU PATS.

Welker’s caught 100 balls in his entire run with the Pats and hasn’t shown signs of slowing down. So imagine my surprise when I heard the Broncos only had to pay him $12 million… for two years!  If he, in this odd-as-hell receiver market, shouldn’t get more than $6M a year, I obviously don’t know football.

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Joe Anello

Joe's 2012 Gameday Review: Bears 51, Titans 20 posted by Joe Anello


Yes, that is the only word necessary for the introduction to Chicago’s dominant blow-out win over the Titans on Sunday. Special teams got the scoring train rolling early and the offense fed coal engine late with some help from a defense that forced five turnovers on the day. Let us recap this glorious event.


(7-1) Chicago Bears 51

(3-6) Tennessee Titans 20 

Sunday’s contest had an auspicious start for the Bears. On the Titans’ very first play from scrimmage, Matt Hasselbeck found Kenny Britt wide open over the middle for a big gain. As he manages to do so often, Charles Tillman came over to make the tackle… and strip Britt of the football. From it only got worse for the Titans as Sherrick McManus blocked a punt which landed in the arms of Corey Wootton, who ran it in for the game’s first touchdown. Following a safety (due to a J’Marcus Webb penalty) and free kick, Chicago backed up the Titans offense, making them punt deep from their own territory, which Devin Hester returned 44 yards to the eight yard line. Matt Forte took that short field and turned in a one-play TD drive as he carried a pile of defenders over the goal line. Up 14-2, Brian Urlacher was not content, picking off a Hasselbeck pass on the next drive and taking it back 46 yards to paydirt. Tillman then victimized Chris Johnson with the dreaded ball-punch, forcing another fumble. Cutty and the offense got back on the field and finished a drive with a 13-yard score to Brandon Marshall. Following that insane barrage of action, Chicago held a 28-2 lead at the end of the quarter. They never looked back.

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Joe Anello

Joe's 2012 Gameday Preview: Chicago Bears at Tennessee Titans posted by Joe Anello

After squeaking by the Panthers in a game they had no business winning, the Chicago Bears continue their southern trek in week nine by heading to Tennessee. The Titans are led by veteran QB Matt Hasselbeck, who continues to fill-in for the injured Jake Locker. No more time to waste! Let’s preview this game!

(6-1) Chicago Bears at

(3-5) Tennessee Titans 

The Offense

Mike Tice’s offense will have to contend with an aggressive and physical Titan defense that has actually given up the most yards in the NFL. (Yeah, they’re that bad.) Whether through the air or on the ground, Tennessee will be at a decided disadvantage. That means Brandon Marshall (yet again) will have the edge over corner Jason McCourty. Kellen Davis figures to factor into the gameplan as well, since he should be able to find the openings behind a simply decent linebacking unit. The Titans have a solid front four though, the most dangerous of which being rusher Kamerion Wimbley. Wimbley’s caused problems for the Chicago o-line before, so chipping him to make sure he doesn’t get confident early is key. (And obviously we need to keep Jay upright.) Get ready J’Marcus Webb.

Obviously Chicago needs to find its balance again today with Matt Forte and Michael Bush out of the backfield. Tennessee gives up a lot of yards on the ground, (over 140 per game), so Tice can’t afford to get pass-happy this week. (Though I feel like I can say that about every game.) Between the two backs we need to see about 30 carries in order to establish a ground attack and a valid play-action game as the contest draws on.

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Joe Anello

The Final Drive: Week 4, 2012 posted by Joe Anello

Week four in the NFL did a lot to clear up our impressions all 32 teams, as we now have a four game sample size from which to judge them. Our three undefeated teams managed to continue their winning ways and our shockingly winless squad kept disappointing. Let’s review the weekend’s best action!

(4-0) Atlanta Falcons 30
(1-3) Carolina Panthers 28

It took a last second field goal, but the Falcons overcame their defensive lapses to get to 4-0. Carolina gave them all they could handle, but Matt Ryan calmly led his team on a drive from their own one with barely over a minute left in regulation for the game-winner. And now they get to reap the benefits of sitting pretty atop the NFC South.

(2-2) New England Patriots 52
(2-2) Buffalo Bills 28

For about a half, this game looked interesting. And then the Patriots woke up. Tom Brady remembered how awesome Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski are, finding them a combined 14 times for 233 yards. And the Bills remembered that they can’t hang with the Patriots and proceeded turn it over a whopping six times. Things were righted today in the AFC East.

(3-1) Minnesota Vikings 20
(1-3) Detroit Lions 13

Uh… don’t look now, but the Vikings are atop the division. The Lions? Yeah they’re on the bottom. Mikel LeShoure crapped out in his second career game, returning the Lions to their normal state of “no running game.”


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Joe Anello

My Many Musings on the Manning Maneuver posted by Joe Anello

The cloud that’s hung over the NFL for months ended today when the story broke that Peyton Manning would be signing with the Denver Broncos. The ramifications are not just limited to the Broncos however. They are far-reaching across the NFL landscape. Here are my thoughts on the biggest free agent signing in NFL history.

Why it’s an idiotic move for Manning:

The Broncos are still a massive rebuilding project away from legitimately contending in the AFC. Even if they bring in ALL of Peyton’s fellow aging ex-Colt teammates, their best hope is to win the AFC West. Beating the likes of Pittsburgh, New England, and Baltimore is going to take more than slapping the 2007 Colts back on top of an already shaky offense.

Former Colt center Jeff Saturday is already scheduled to visit Denver this weekend, starting the process of bringing Manning’s buddies to town. Dallas Clark will probably be next on the list to make a stop in the Mile-High City, ensuring that John Elway will do anything for his new legend. Even if they do make a push to bring in Pittsburgh’s Mike Wallace, the Broncos are supposed to be a run-first team under John Fox. This system will need to undergo an overhaul now that Denver has an actual quarterback. He can’t run this offense like Kyle Orton or Tim Tebow ran it. (Nor should he.)

What this means for the Broncos:

It means they’re still a playoff team. Beyond that, they’re good for another couple wins thanks to Manning’s presence. The offense will be improved by leaps and bounds, which will hopefully be enough to take the pressure of a defense that carried the team too often last year. No more will the Broncos be forced to win 15-12 skirmishes. I’m not convinced they’ll have even a top five offense with the pieces that have currently in place, but perhaps a shrewd maneuver or two will lean me in their direction.

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Joe Anello

The Final Drive: Week 14, 2011 posted by Joe Anello

Heart attacks were felt across the nation on Sunday (especially by me), leading to plenty of hospitalizations. While you’re incapacitated, why not get the full scoop on week 14’s heart-stopping action?


(10-3) Houston Texans 20
(7-6) Cincinnati Bengals 19

So maybe the Texans aren’t absolutely screwed with T.J. Yates at quarterback. Who knew? They probably won’t make a lot of noise in the playoffs depending on the seeding, but they should stay competitive. Unfortunately for Cincy, there may be too many “respectable losses” on their record.

(10-3) New Orleans Saints 22
(7-6) Tennessee Titans 17

If the Titans weren’t in the middle of a playoff chase, I’d say it was time to start Jake Locker. Though with Hasselbeck’s injury, it might happen anyway. Kudos to the Saints for not falling into the “Trap of the Week.”

(5-8) Philadelphia Eagles 26
(4-9) Miami Dolphins 10

Oh Tony Sparano, we hardly knew ye. Wait, I did. You were a mediocre coach. Its obvious management was waiting for him to lose just ONE more game after that streak of wins they went on. Dropping one to the Eagles wasn’t going to cut it.

(8-5) New York Jets 37
(5-8) Kansas City Chiefs 10

Sparano wasn’t the only coach let go today, as Todd Haley was relieved of his duties in Arizona following this shellacking. When you make Mark Sanchez look good… nothing good can follow. The Jets inch closer to the playoffs with a surprisingly lop-sided win.

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Joe Anello

The Opening Drive: Week 13, 2011 posted by Joe Anello

The weeks are rushing by in the NFL with the playoff picture beginning to take shape. Two 11-game streaks could push their way to 12 and an NFC contender tries to get by without one of their biggest stars.


(6-5) Tennessee Titans at
(5-6) Buffalo Bills

I gotta say, the only reason I’m putting this one on here is that the Titans could actually sneak their way into contention for a wildcard slot if the Jets and Bengals lose. That shouldn’t be a tremendous feat against the Bills, who are stumbling mightily.

(0-11) Indianapolis Colts at
(8-3) New England Patriots

This is crazy. A 20.5 point line for a professional game? That just proves how utterly hopeless the Colts have been this season. I don’t expect it to be close… but that’s a very large number. Very. Large. Still, with Dan Orlovsky starting for Indy it could be a safe bet.

(7-4) Cincinnati Bengals at
(8-3) Pittsburgh Steelers

The Bengals have had two shots to make statements against the Ravens and Steelers but have failed to deliver. Round two against the AFC Champs takes place on Sunday as the Bengals try to hang onto their playoff hopes. Look for things to be different this time around as Andy Dalton should hopefully have A.J. Green for the entire game.

(7-4) Atlanta Falcons at
(8-3) Houston Texans

Uh… who’s Houston starting at quarterback again? T.J. Yates? …It would be REALLY hard for me not to take Atlanta here. I’m not saying Yates is awful, but first starts are hardly ever stand-out performances. The Falcons are quietly winning but need a noisemaker for anyone to start taking them seriously.

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Tennessee Titans News

View All Tennessee Titans News

Jaguars hold off Titans late, win 21-13 in home finale (Yahoo Sports)

[read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

Titans place RB Dexter McCluster on injured reserve (Yahoo Sports)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- The Tennessee Titans have placed running back Dexter McCluster on injured reserve with a knee injury, their 15th player put on the list this season. [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

Eli on Giants' injury report, says it's formality (Yahoo Sports)

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From Yahoo Sports

Shutdown Corner NFL Power Rankings: Seahawks coming on strong (Shutdown Corner)

Maybe the mark of a champion is knowing when to peak. The 2014 Seattle Seahawks didn't look like the 2013 Seahawks for much of the season. But, now that we've hit the last quarter of the regular season, they look like a reasonable facsimile. The last three weeks, the Seahawks have played very well. The defense, finally close to full strength, gave up three points to the Cardinals and three points to the 49ers, and even though it gave up 14 to the Eagles on Sunday, that might have been its most impressive game in the stretch. The Eagles couldn't move the ball. They had 139 yards. The Seahawks are dominant in pass defense lately. On offense, Marshawn Lynch can grind out first downs and Russell Wilson can make a few plays avoiding the rush and finding receivers downfield. The Seahawks control the tempo of the game on the offensive side and punish teams on defense. Sound familiar? The Seahawks aren't that far from earning the No. 1 seed in the NFC either, and we know how important that is for them (and how important it would be for a rematch against the Packers, who look incredible at home). If the Seahawks win out (they play San Francisco, at Arizona and St. Louis, and they should be favored in all three), they'll win the NFC West, and if they win their last three they'd be the top seed if the Packers and Cowboys each lost a game (although if Seattle won out and there's a three-way tie between the Packers, Seahawks and Cowboys then the Seahawks would win that tiebreaker ... let's just say there's a long way to go). It's not easy to pencil in three wins for any NFL team, but the Seahawks look up to the task. And if Seattle can get the top seed, the Seahawks instantly become the favorite in the NFC. Lately, they look the part, too. Here are the post-Week 14 NFL power rankings: 32. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-11, Last Week: 31) Rookie receiver Marqise Lee had a nice game for the second straight week, a good sign for the Jaguars. They seem to have a promising, young receiving corps. 31. Tennessee Titans (2-11, LW: 29) The Titans haven't announced it but a report from NFL Network said quarterback Zach Mettenberger's season is over with a shoulder injury. Hopefully the injury doesn't cause the Titans to make an unwise decision and not give Mettenberger all of 2015 to see if he can be their permanent starter. In other words, don't pull a Lovie Smith. 30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-11, LW: 30) Doug Martin's slide has been steep and tough to explain. He was a first-round pick, and his averages have gone from 4.6 as a rookie to 4.0 to 3.6. He doesn't have a run longer than 19 yards in his eight games. Trent Richardson, Martin and David Wilson are the last running backs taken in the first round. Not hard to see why that is. 29. New York Jets (2-11, LW: 28) After a pick-six on his first play, Geno Smith played well. He completed 18 of 29 passes for 254 yards against a good defense. Does it matter if he finishes well? Maybe not, but he can make the Jets' offseason decisions interesting if he does. 28. Oakland Raiders (2-11, LW: 32) If you're an NFL general manager, who do you take right now: Derek Carr or Colin Kaepernick? 27. Washington Redskins (3-10, LW: 26) Colt McCoy's neck is hurting, so Robert Griffin III could get another start on Sunday. Jay Gruden also talked about giving Kirk Cousins another chance this season. This is a mess of epic proportions. 26. New York Giants (4-9, LW: 27) Andre Williams' 131-yard rushing day tells me the Titans' run defense is horrible, but in a lost season, there are worse things than getting a late breakout performance from a rookie. 25. Chicago Bears (5-8, LW: 24) They look exactly like a bottom-five team, but they're saved from being that low because there are a lot of bad teams in the NFL this season. 24. Carolina Panthers (4-8-1, LW: 25) Over the last couple weeks, Jonathan Stewart suddenly looks like the back we have waited on for so long, averaging more than 7 yards per carry in back-to-back games. He might never put it together for a full season but he has his moments when we're reminded what could have been. 23. Atlanta Falcons (5-8, LW: 22) You have to at least credit what they did in the second half. Hey, in the NFC South, we'll accept moral victories. 22. New Orleans Saints (5-8, LW: 21) In a game you fell behind 41-3, your most energetic moment is fighting over an opponent's touchdown celebration? Hard to explain that. 21. Minnesota Vikings (6-7, LW: 23) Charles Johnson, who was signed off the Browns' practice squad in September, is the playmaker the Vikings were hoping for when they took Cordarrelle Patterson in the first round in 2013. Funny. 20. St. Louis Rams (6-7, LW: 20) it was humorous and all, but what exactly was the point of them sending out the six players on the roster acquired in the RG3 trade for the coin toss? Bush-league stuff, really.  19. Cleveland Browns (7-6, LW: 17) It was the right choice to give Brian Hoyer another start last week. It was clearly the wrong choice to stick with Hoyer the entire game after it was clear he didn't have it. And now the only feasible decision is to let Johnny Manziel start the last three games. 18. San Francisco 49ers (7-6, LW: 15) They are 9.5- or 10-point underdogs for their game at Seattle on Sunday. The perception of them has changed that dramatically in two weeks. 17. Houston Texans (7-6, LW: 18) Andre Johnson has the lowest per-catch average of his career, has lost three fumbles this season (never lost more than one in a season before) and is on pace to finish with less than 1,000 yards. He hasn't finished with less than 1,000 yards in a season in which he has played at least 10 games since 2005. A concussion on Sunday makes a bad season even worse. 16. Buffalo Bills (7-6, LW: 16) It will be interesting to see if the Bills go back to EJ Manuel for a start or two if they're officially out of the race. If they don't, that probably tells you all you need to know about Manuel's future there. 15. Cincinnati Bengals (8-4-1, LW: 11) With games remaining at Cleveland, Denver and at Pittsburgh, this could get ugly in Cincinnati. 14. San Diego Chargers (8-5, LW: 13) Mike McCoy's crazy decision to punt from midfield in the fourth quarter got the attention, but giving Ryan Mathews just two second-half carries in a close game (McCoy said it wasn't related to Mathews' health ) was weird too. 13. Kansas City Chiefs (7-6, LW: 12) Jason Avant, cut by the receiver-needy Panthers last month, led the Chiefs' wide receivers in catches and yards on Sunday. When did Dwayne Bowe retire? 12. Miami Dolphins (7-6, LW: 10) Tough loss because that's the kind of game you have to win if you want to be a playoff team. 11. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5, LW: 19) The Buccaneers and Jets are 2-0 against the Steelers and 2-22 against the rest of the league. And yet the Steelers sometimes look like they did on Sunday at Cincinnati. They got way too big of a leap this week (mostly because of other teams around them losing), and I'm sure they'll have a terrible performance in a week or two and move back down. 10. Baltimore Ravens (8-5, LW: 14) The Ravens' point differential is plus-101 this year. The list of teams that have a point differential better than that: Green Bay and New England. That's it. 9. Detroit Lions (9-4, LW: 9) Ndamukong Suh had another big game on Sunday. He has made it this far in his contract year, so it  seems like he'll be one of the most coveted free agents in a long, long time to hit the open market. 8. Dallas Cowboys (9-4, LW: 8) Tony Romo should be better than he was in the first Eagles meeting, with a week and a few extra days of rest. He'll need to be better. 7. Philadelphia Eagles (9-4, LW: 4) This is how wild the NFC playoff race is: The winner of Sunday's game against Dallas will be the favorite to win the NFC East. The loser will be 9-5 but in some significant danger of missing the playoffs. 6. Arizona Cardinals (10-3, LW: 7) They can win games like they did Sunday, with the defense keeping them in it long enough for the offense to make one big play. It's going to be tough to do that in January though. 5. Indianapolis Colts (9-4, LW: 6) At some point in the second half, once it was clear that Mike Pettine wasn't going to pull Brian Hoyer (likely under the flawed notion that he couldn't make that move because the Browns had the lead), everyone knew that Andrew Luck was going to win the game at the end, right? 4. Denver Broncos (10-3, LW: 3) Think about it this way, whoever insists Peyton Manning is at the exact same level he has always been: If the greatest quarterback of all time was at the same level he was a year ago, you think the Broncos would go away from that and build an offense around C.J. Anderson? I don't. 3. Seattle Seahawks (9-4, LW: 5) Very, very close to being ahead of Green Bay. That's how impressive the win at Philadelphia was. Let's not forget that Seattle dominated Green Bay to open the season. A rematch would be fantastic. 2. Green Bay Packers (10-3, LW: 2) Incredible stat from NFL spokesman Randall Liu: Aaron Rodgers had his 100th start on Monday night, and he could have gone 0-for-69 with 69 interceptions and still set a record for best quarterback rating through 100 games in the Super Bowl era. He had a 107.1 career rating coming into Monday night's game. And he didn't throw 70 interceptions. 1. New England Patriots (10-3, LW: 1) Linebacker Jamie Collins and Bill Belichick are a fantastic combination, pairing an incredibly versatile defender with a defensive genius who knows how to get the most out of his talents. - - - - - - - Frank Schwab is the editor of Shutdown Corner on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at or follow him on Twitter! Follow @YahooSchwab [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

Titans acknowledge police investigating Hill (Yahoo Sports)

[read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

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