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Brandon Vincent
Wednesday 26th November 2008, 3:53am
Sucks to be a Texas Tech fan

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Anatomy of a Disappointment posted on 11/30/2008

(The Plaxico Burress Story.)

 The New York Football Giants went 11-1 today in a convincing win against the Washington Redskins. The Giants won the division showdown without star receiver Plaxico Burress as he was home recovering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the thigh.

Burress is no stranger to drama; the tortured receiver has given the World champs more than their share of headaches.

Earlier this season Burress was fined $117,500 for missing a team meeting/practice and not calling out sick. He was also fined $45,000 for a verbal altercation with a referee that involved throwing a ball into the crowd.

Buress who caught the super bowl winning catch was a hold out before mini-camp and blamed it on an ankle injury. He has earned a reputation for being a distraction and having a bad attitude on and off the field.

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Big 12 South proves that the BCS is flawed posted on 11/30/2008

The last image I had in my mind when I went to bed last night was Sam Bradford’s smug face placating my television screen. His careless and UN-Interested demeanor just added to my frustration over Oklahoma’s 61-41 victory Saturday night.

The victory will most likely propel either Texas or Oklahoma to the Big 12 Championship next Saturday against Missouri. What about Texas Tech?

After all there is a three-way tie for first place in the Big 12 South. Texas, Texas Tech and Oklahoma are all 11-1. Lets make it interesting now, Texas beat Oklahoma, Oklahoma beat Texas Tech, and Texas Tech beat Texas so which team goes to the ‘ship?

We will find out later today and there will be two disappointed teams, all three teams believe they deserve it, and no doubt, all three do. If there were a play-off the teams would be able to face head to head again and the best team would win.

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Building a Cassel posted on 11/28/2008

Building a Cassel

By Dayne A. Duranti


There is a big ugly bandwagon speeding through New England right now.


It is a rotten old cart of a wagon, filled with bulbous faced drunks and scoundrels. They slug down their swill and they sing


“The only thing we love more than a hero is a fallen one!”


They smell of waste and desperation. They are unclean, loud and unapologetic.


They are the notorious New England bandwagon riders. And they have come for Matt Cassel.


The NFL world is a blaze with talk of Matt Cassel. He has silenced all critics with back to back 400 plus yard games. He has emerged as a leader and has given the Patriots a legitimate chance of making the post season in a year that seemed that all hope was gone.

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O.K Computer posted on 11/23/2008

I am Jack’s hemorrhaging Larynx.


I spent most of last evening screaming at the television until the late hours. I woke up this morning and continued to scream at the television. I am pretty sure that I screamed in my sleep as well.


I have never seen a complete dismemberment of a highly ranked football squad like last night’s decapitation of the Texas Tech Red Raiders by the Oklahoma Sooners, and for the benefit of my impending ulcers, I hope I never do again.  


No.5 Oklahoma destroyed the No. 2 ranked Red Raiders in almost every category, completely deflating the blow up Cinderella that Tech has been courting.


Perhaps my faithful football readers, you have been reading my words of encouragement that I have been spouting forth in favor of Texas Tech. I was apparently wrong. The Red Raiders were man handled like a couple of drunk girls at a frat party.

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Harrell's March to the Sea posted on 11/22/2008

There is a war being waged as we speak.


It is a war that is dividing the South once again. This war knows no mercy, and this war does not care who is in its way, it is tearing through our institutions of higher learning and leaving no survivors. It is a proud war, fought for noble causes and in the end; the victory would be the sweetest of all.


This war is The Texas Tech Red Raiders verses everybody else.


Texas Tech led by the brilliant Mike Leach and quarterback Graham Harrell have been marching their way straight through the Big 12 South. They have made victims of highly ranked opponents like Texas and Oklahoma St. and some not so high ranked teams like Massachusetts and Southern Methodist on their way to 10-0.


There are only two enemies left. The fiercest of them comes tonight in the form of the Oklahoma Sooners. The 9-1 Sooners have the home field in what is one of the rowdiest stadiums in sports. They are also on a mission to make a statement, “Texas Tech stops here! They will not make it out of Norman!”

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