Facts about Online Betting and How You can Make Money with NFL Wagers

January 09, 2013

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Facts about Online Betting and How You can Make Money with NFL Wagers

If you're looking to make a start in sports betting then you have picked the right time. The internet has brought unprecedented advantages to people who enjoy betting on sports - the fact that you are even reading an article to give you pointers is a start! In the past few years, online betting and online casinos have become increasingly popular, and the online gambling industry has increased exponentially since its inception. Aside from the convenience, online gambling not only provides a vast choice of games, but all transactions are quite secure as well. Secondly, there is a major shift in opinions about online wagering, as many states are realizing the tremendous potential of gaining tax dollars in this industry. Many states have also legalized online sports betting, as the American public has always liked betting on their favorite teams. 
Each season over one hundred billion dollars of betting is reported on NFL football alone. This increasing popularity is mainly due to several reasons. People are now able place a wager anytime, from the comfort of their homes. Most betting websites also offer attractive promotional offers, bonuses, and free bets. Secondly, these websites also provides important information and expert opinions, by which anybody can study the odds and place bets accordingly. The betting and casino sites also end up benefitting each other as well – sites such as www.onlinecasinoaustralia.com.au have many sports themed slots games to enjoy – a good choice if you’re finding it tricky to decide on which team to place your cash. The slots are perfect if you're looking for a bit of light-hearted fun, however if you're a bit of a more serious gambler who would rather have more control over the result of your cash then there are many alternatives. Have a look at the poker tables, the roulette wheels or other card games such as Blackjack and see which takes your fancy. All of these games allow you more control over the result of the game - the roulette less so, but still much moreso than the slots. You can play these games wherever you are, with the ability to download a portable app for your smartphone or tablet.

Many of these conveniences are shared by sports betting sites and provide major advantages to sports fans. For instance, you can be sat watching the game and take out your phone and place a bet almost immediately, which could be a worthy idea if you have a sneaky feeling about a quick turnaround in the game. Obviously it would be good if you could pre-empt the results in the first place though, which is what we shall try to help you with.

If you are fan of the Tennessee Titans, you may have been disappointed by your team, missing out by 9-7 last season. However, the Titans had some easy wins, as there were some of the worst league teams in their division. Now, in the current season of 2013, it would be quite interesting to know how they fare, and whether they are going to maintain their seven wins of last season, or do better.

Chris Johnson is the best offense for the team, however, he did not fare well last season, as he rushed only 1047 yards. This is nearly half of what he did in 2009, and secondly, Chris has only four touchdowns on his score. For the Titans to do better, Johnson needs to regain his former self, where he scored 14 touchdowns in 2009. Nate Washington and Kenny Brit are quite good receivers; however, both are needed on field to be effective. The concern is Brit, who has suffered injury in the previous season, and could be in the sidelines much more, in the current season. The performance will also depend on the two quarterbacks, Matt Hasselback and Jake Locker. The preseason rounds will show who is better for the starting, and how each will shape up for the season. 
According to experts, Tennessee Titans are second in the best odds of winning the AFC South Division. Coming on top are the Houston Texans who have -400 odds, whereas the Titans come second with +450. The other favorite contenders for the division are Indianapolis Colts at +1200, and Jacksonville Jaguars at +1500. For winning the NFL championships, Tennessee Titans have 50/1 odds, whereas the Houston Texans are again leading with 12/1 odds. The worst odds for winning the title this season is 2000/1 held by Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars. The odds for Tennessee Titans seem quite close and there is a good chance if they up their game. Consider these teams and their odds carefully, as they provide excellent opportunities of winning decent amounts this season.   

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