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Randy Moss Is A Tennessee Titan! posted on 11/08/2010
The Tennessee Titans made an outstanding pickup with the waiver claim for Randy Moss. Every other team in the National Football League passed on one of the most outstanding playmakers ever to play the game. His one-handed catch this year was unbelievable.

Moss will wear No. 84.

After passing on Moss in the 1998 draft, (how ridiculously outlandish was that) and going with Kevin Dyson, the Titans finally get to cash in on the skills of one of the best WRs ever. Randy Moss in college was as talented as Jerry Rice, eclipsing 3,529 yards and 54 TDs through 28 games over two years with the Marshall Thundering Herd.

Finishing his two-year career at Marshall having scored at least one TD in each and every game that he played, Moss was the player to pick up in the draft. And now the Titans have a shot to see his worth.

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Right to Cheer, No Matter What posted on 11/08/2010
Anybody and everybody has the right to enjoy sporting events, without any regard to which team they root for.

It used to be commonplace for a fan of the opposing team to encounter brutal hell, unleashed by home team fans at a game. An Oakland Raider fan, as soon as entering Arrowhead Stadium (home of the Kansas City Chiefs), would become the victim of hatred from mobs of Chiefs fans.

The National Football League has decided in the last few years to make the environment at its sporting events less chaotic and uncomfortable. Fans of either side now has the ability to enjoy the game.

The Fans First Program along with Fan Code of Conduct Rules have been created, and its about time!!

One prime example is showcased at Arrowhead Stadium. Having attended a few games in the last year, I have noticed a dramatic difference in fan behavior. Many teams in the NFL have a program in place, hampering the amount of harassment at their games.

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Helmet Hits Warrant Fines, Suspensions posted on 11/08/2010

Let’s stop the whining and crying about how the National Football League is being to comforting of injured players, and too strict on head hunters. Yes, this goes out to Troy Polamalu, James Harrison and countless others.

Dirty players should get smacked with heavy fines. PERIOD. No further discussion needed. A helmet hit is not needed to perform the abilities as a defender. Every player, in the NFL especially, should know how to hit the correct way (with their shoulder pads).

Its not impossible to see when a player is aiming to “down” a guy by using their helmet as a weapon. The NFL is not targeting players simply due to their popularity. Defenders are being punished the same, whether a rookie or a veteran.

Most flak from the side of defenders has been from the Steelers.

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